Our company is a service that specializes in cleaning luxury vinyl plank floors for residential and commercial properties

Our professional vinyl plank cleaning service can help you remove stains and maintain the shine of your floors. When it’s done right, vinyl plank floor cleaning can increase the beauty and life of your floor.


Expert Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

We are experts in professional luxury vinyl plank floor cleaning services. We’ll give you a professional and careful estimate based on the type of job, budget, stain and dirt level, etc., then we will get started right away and do a thorough deep clean with all our unique steam cleaning process.

With our experience, we know exactly how much time it takes for each room… We also know what products are needed for your LVP floors: detergents, bleach, stain removers, … We have years of experience in this field so don’t worry about any surprises!


The best way to maintain your LVT or LVP floor over the long term is to have it professionally cleaned annually.

The process of deep cleaning used by a professional cleaner is not what you can do at home. The equipment includes specially designed truck-mounted equipment for maintaining LVT and LVP floors the way they should be maintained.

The best results can be achieved with the use of specific cleaning products for LVT and LVP flooring. These products are generally used by professional cleaning services that specialize in LVT and LVP and adhere to the cleaning techniques recommended by the manufacturers.
When you use the wrong type of products for your luxury vinyl floor, it is the worst thing you can do to it. If you attempt to clean the floor yourself, you will end up with a build-up of residue that only a professional can remove.

However, once you hire a professional to do the initial cleaning, you can then maintain your floor with this simple routine, week after week. If you have LVT or LVP flooring, make sure your cleaning professional uses cleaning products and techniques formulated specifically for these types of flooring.

Luxury vinyl floors should be deep cleaned annually by a professional. If you have young children or pets, you may need to deep clean more frequently. It is helpful to deep clean your home at that point if you have experienced a large spill, water damage, or construction debris.


The vinyl plank flooring market is growing rapidly, as more homeowners and businesses choose to clean their dirty vinyl plank flooring; it’s important to choose the right service. Our professional luxury vinyl plank cleaning service is one of the few companies that can clean up multiple layers of dirt, grime, stains, paint, etc simultaneously and is able to provide professional luxury vinyl plank cleaning service in multiple sizes floors.


Why We’re The Best Luxury Vinyl Plank Cleaning Service In Chesapeake

We Clean Better Than Any Other Company In Hampton Roads.
Our Services Include Scratch Removal, Repair, Cleaning, Polishing And Sealing.
We Offer a Special Method That “Clean and Rinse” Removing Dirt And Grime.
We Use Non-Toxic Products Safe For All.
Our Process Has a Long Lasting Guarantee.
Superior Customer Service And Communication.
Over time, the brilliant brightness of your carpet or floor can be dulled, as dirt, spots, and stains can leave the surface looking less than pristine. Fortunately, after cleaning your carpet, we guarantee it will look new again.


We use an experienced cleaning system at All Steam to ensure the most luxurious cleaning possible. Our methods are a safe way for us to clean your tiles, vinyl, ducts, and carpet in your home and for anyone who lives there.