Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your business is important to you, and at All-Steam we understand that one key to success lies in the good health of you and your employees. All-Steam offers your business high quality commercial carpet cleaning with our well trained technicians in a cost effective manner. When your clients and partners visit your business, you’ll have a professional and pristine image.

When you come to work every day to a clean, disinfected carpet, you will know your business is fresh and free of allergens. We want to help maintain a happy, healthy workplace with regular carpet and floor cleaning. We are proud to serve Chesapeake Virginia and area companies:

Retail and wholesale shops
Restaurants and food service
Schools, day cares, and hospitals
Hotels, B&Bs, and hospitality services

Any business owner knows that a quality, well maintained carpet goes a long way in improving business – customer relations because of the good first impressions that are formed. While it is one thing to buy a good quality carpet, it is quite another to keep it looking as good. While it is entirely possible to maintain it yourself, a better way is to use a Commercial carpet cleaning company in Chesapeake. That being said, the following are a few pointers on how to get the best cleaners out there.

Highly trained staff

The level of carpet cleaning expertise is the first thing to look for. A good Commercial carpet cleaning company will know this and therefore prominently show off how highly skilled their work force is. You’ll want to go with a company where the cleaners have certifications on spot and strain treatment removal, commercial carpet maintenance, health and safety for carpet cleaners etc. While a highly trained staff will more often than not mean higher rates, it’s always wiser to pay more than have to replace the entire carpet.

Variety of cleaning services

A good cleaning company will have more than one way to clean and maintain carpets. It is better to hire a company with a very large variety so that you don’t have to hire different companies for different kinds of work. Moreover, you will want to use a company that provides variety for the following reasons:

Avoiding disruption: You may want carpets to be cleaned without business activity coming to a standstill. A good cleaning company will have ways to clean carpets without necessarily having to remove them, providing and after hours service.
Employee health: You may have employees that are allergic to certain types of cleaning agents. You may also want them to use cleaning agents that don’t harm the environment. A professional carpet cleaning company will have alternatives that will take this into consideration.
Cost: You will want a company that grades its cleaning services according to cost and features in an easy to understand format so that you can choose what’s best for your business. The company should also have ways for you to save on the cleaning by offering discounts, coupons, refunds etc.

Customer service

You will want a Commercial carpet cleaning company that has an excellent customer support system. The presence or absence of this feature can be very easily seen with a visit to the company website.

The website should have some or all of the following features:

A contact page: This page should provide a working telephone number and an email address. Emails and calls should also be answered promptly and professionally.
Customer reviews: A good company will display customer reviews on their website. You’ll want a review section that has both positive and negative reviews that go into detail about the experience they had with said company, what they thought of the cost, how well the work was done, whether they intend to be repeat customers etc.


You’ll want a company that has premises near where your business is located. This is so that time need not be wasted when you urgently need work done. Information on which area they serve should easily be found from the company website.

All this shows that a little due diligence is all it takes to get the best Commercial carpet cleaning company in Chesapeake.

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