Carpet Cleaners In Chesapeake

Looking to hire a carpet cleaner in Chesapeake? How do you know which company to choose, trust to do a professional job, and trust in your home? It doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. That being said, here are some points to show you that a good carpet cleaning company is the best option if you want to keep your carpet as pristine as the day it was laid.

Employees are formally trained

A reputable carpet cleaning company will make sure that they hire people with all the proper certifications. Carpet cleaners are taught how to identify stains and how to pick the best cleaning procedure and solution based on the age, type of fabric, color scheme etc of the carpet. This is kind of information can not usually be found on the Internet, meaning that average home owner will usually end up ignoring the stain or making it worse.

Moreover, a good cleaning company will have commercial machines to handle various kinds of work; machines that a home owner would not even know existed, much less how to use them.

Also, when you decide to use a professional carpet cleaner in Chesapeake, you’ll also learn a lot of free tips on how to keep your carpet cleaner and how to handle common stains- information that you wouldn’t have otherwise obtained if you decided to do it yourself.

No time constraint

A good carpet cleaning company will be able to clean your carpet in a timely and scheduled manner. This means that any urgent stain removal, clean up or maintenance will be handled before it becomes a major issue. Most of the time, you may find that having to postpone cleaning your carpet do to a tight schedule, meaning that stains, odors, discoloration etc become worse which then results in drastic reduction of your carpet’s lifespan.

Spending money on a professional carpet cleaning company means that you will not have to replace your carpets sooner than you need to.

Extra features

A reputable carpet cleaning company in Chesapeake will offer much more than just the cleaning service. This means that you’ll get much more for your money than just a clean carpet. For instance, the cleaners might have come to clean an urgent wine stain but also offer to clean your tiles and grout, provide free tips on how to maintain your Persian rug etc.

A visit to a good cleaning company’s website will show you that they offer much more than just carpet cleaning and maintenance. They may also deal in carpet repairs, upholstery maintenance, pet order and stain removal, dryer vent cleaning etc.; services that you may need at the time or in the future.

Custom cleaning and maintenance packages

You may find that a good carpet cleaning company will offer to make a custom package that will result in you having a better maintained house than if you decide to do it yourself. For instance, the company you choose may first send an technician to find out the nature of the work that needs to be done. The company will then design a package that encompasses much more than just the carpet.

The cleaning technician will usually come with machines, cleaning solutions, repairmen etc. all of them working in tandem to give you the best service.

All this shows that taking time to get a professional Carpet cleaning company in Chesapeake will land you in a better position than if you decided to handle the clean up yourself , or worse, to ignore it.

We’ll help you get your carpet bright and clean. All you have to do is Make The Appointment!



At this time, we will do a walkthrough of your home with you, taking note of your areas of concern. I will tell you which spots you can expect to come out and which ones may be permanent.

FURNITURE MOVINGmovinf-furniture

We will move a couple pieces for you at no charge. Large items such as: beds, dressers, and televisions will not be moved. Please have these items moved prior to our arrival if you would like them cleaned underneath. In general, large pieces that have never been moved aren’t subjected to regular foot traffic, so a simple vacuuming would do just fine.

SET UPtruck-setup

Once we have your approval to get started, we’ll place moving blankets to protect your hard surface flooring from any equipment we bring into your home. At this time, corner guards will be placed to protect your walls from any of the hoses we use during the cleaning process.


We will apply a pre-spray solution to all areas of your carpeting that are going to be cleaned. This solution loosens the soils away from the fibers, allowing them to be flushed away.This safe solution takes care of nearly all of the soiling and spots on your carpet. Any remaining spots will be treated once this step is complete.


Depending on the soil level of your home, we may use a carpet groomer or rotary machine to help further loosen the soil from your carpets.


Once the pre-treatment is allowed proper dwell time, your carpet is rinsed with de-ionized water. This water is so pure that it has no minerals left, leaving your carpets softer than ever before. This is very important, as we never use any detergents through our machine that will cause rapid re-soiling.

POST SPOT TREATMENT carpet-stain-removal

Any spots that didn’t come out during our normal cleaning procedure will be taken care of at this time. Most of these spots will be from an artificial dye such as Kool-Aid. There is a small additional charge for removing these spots. Please note that they are sometimes permanent.


Your carpeting will be groomed to remove any wand markings and also to promote faster drying. Typical drying time is about 3 hours.


We will do a walkthrough of your home with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.